Chaos to Calm

From Chaos to Calm is a self-guided course to help parents whose children have behavioral challenges, learn how to create and implement schedules, routines, and behavior systems. 

Each lesson is less than 30 minutes and can be listened to while doing dishes, working out, or in the car. 

Also included are templates for schedules and routines and behavior charts. 

This purchase only includes access to the online course content.




Jade Kiser

Jade Kiser is a special education teacher and educational consultant and advocate. She is the founder of Kiser Educational Consulting & Advocacy which strives to help teachers and parents advocate and educate the diverse and unique minds of the children they serve. Jade has her Master's Degrees in Educational Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction and possesses a diverse teaching background. She has worked in both urban and rural schools, elementary and middle schools, specialized programs, and resource classrooms. Jade has also worked with individuals with exceptionalities of all ages in community and home settings. Her varied experiences have ignited a passion for share her experience and knowledge through various online platforms. She has been interviewed on multiple podcasts, has created signature courses for parents and educators, and is currently working on her first book.